• Who is Sandpiper Energy?Open or Close

    Chesapeake Utilities Corporation purchased the operating assets of Eastern Shore Gas and introduced Sandpiper Energy as the new energy company serving the Ocean City, West Ocean City, Pocomoke, Berlin, Ocean Pines and Snow Hill, MD regions.

  • What does the conversion process look like?Open or Close

    Sandpiper Energy will have one of our Conversion Coordinators visit your home or business to perform an initial assessment of the gas appliances and piping. The Conversion Coordinator will then research what conversion kits will be needed for each appliance and which appliances will have to be replaced; they will take care of ordering any parts, appliances and coordinate with the appropriate contractor to perform the conversion. Approximately one week before the conversion, Sandpiper Energy will install a temporary tank at your location and confirm the conversion schedule with you. The tank will be removed as soon as the conversion is completed and your new natural gas meter is installed.

  • Can my appliances be converted from propane to natural gas and what is the process?Open or Close

    Generally, furnaces, stoves and gas dryers can be easily converted. Items such as water heaters, fireplaces or unvented appliances may or may not be convertible to natural gas. Sandpiper Energy will assess each appliance and the fuel lines in your home or business to determine what can or cannot be converted. After the initial assessment, Sandpiper will work closely with our Preferred Contractors to convert or replace your appliances. During the process of the conversion, Sandpiper Energy will be changing your meter, as well as the associated piping for the meter.

  • What is covered in the conversion process and what is not?Open or Close

    Sandpiper Energy will convert or replace standard appliances in your home or business; of course there are monetary limits on some non-standard items. Appliances outside the home, such as gas grills, generators and pool heaters are not covered during the conversion process and these items are the responsibility of the home or business owner. We can provide you with a list of Preferred Contractors that are willing to do this work for you.

  • Who pays for the conversion of appliances and piping inside my home or business?Open or Close

    Sandpiper Energy will pay for the contractor and materials that are needed to convert or replace your standard appliances. Those costs are then collected through rates from all customers. The rate component that recovers conversion costs is the System Improvement Rate (SIR), which is adjusted annually to reflect the actual costs that Sandpiper incurs.

  • What is the customer’s responsibility?Open or Close

    The most important responsibilities of the customer during the conversion process is communication and availability. Please allow our Conversion Coordinators to complete their assessment of your home or business as soon as possible. It is vital to the process that the customer communicates any concerns or issues with our Conversion Coordinators. The Conversion Coordinators will work with you to schedule both the assessment and the conversion of your appliances.

  • What if I want to upgrade an appliance during the process?Open or Close

    While our primary goal during this process is to convert your existing appliances, we will be more than willing to discuss upgrading any appliances with you. Please contact your Conversion Coordinator to discuss any potential appliance upgrades.

  • What if I want to use my own contractor to convert my appliances to natural gas?Open or Close

    You may use your own contractor to convert the gas appliances in your home or business. You will need to have your contractor submit an estimate for the cost of the conversion to one of our Conversion Coordinators. After we have reviewed the estimate our Conversion Coordinator will notify you of the amount we will cover. The approved amount will be credited to your bill after the conversion has been completed and inspected. Sandpiper Energy will not pay your contractor directly.

  • What is the timeline for this process?Open or Close

    The initial assessment will happen well in advance of the actual conversion process. Generally speaking, the actual conversion process will take roughly two to four weeks, which is the time from when you will be put on a propane tank to the point you will be on natural gas. The Conversion Coordinators will provide you with updates during the process and coordinate the schedule with you. While there is some flexibility in the scheduling, we strive to keep the conversion process moving as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • What if a problem is discovered during the conversion process?Open or Close

    During the initial survey process, Sandpiper Energy will make every attempt to check everything on all of your appliances and gas piping. If a problem occurs during the conversion, we will make every effort to rectify the problem as soon as possible. We personally care about our customers and the communities we serve-treating you like family. Through our relationship with Chesapeake Utilities, we have a proven track record in providing customers with smart energy solutions. We look forward to leveraging our experience in the industry and meeting your individual needs.

  • Will my bill go down after my home is converted to natural gas?Open or Close

    You will not see an immediate change in your bill following the conversion because Sandpiper’s rates are calculated so that the rate for natural gas service is equivalent to the rate for propane service. By charging the same effective rate to natural gas and propane customers, Sandpiper is able to spread the cost of the conversion to natural gas over its entire customer base and, in addition, spread the savings of lower-cost natural gas across all customers.

  • What if I do not want to convert to natural gas?Open or Close

    If, after talking to one of our Conversion Coordinators, you do not want Sandpiper Energy to convert your appliances to natural gas, you may contact a propane company of your choice to have a tank installed. Please keep in mind that not all areas permit propane tanks and there may be additional costs for remaining on propane, including the cost for the commodity. If you want to stay on the distribution system you must convert your appliances to natural gas.

  • Who can I contact with any questions about the conversion process?Open or Close

    Please feel free to contact our Conversion Department at (855) 290-9628 at any time about conversion related items. For all other matters please contact customer service at 1-800-427-0015.

  • What if I smell gas, who do I call and is there a cost?Open or Close

    Call 1-800-427-0015. Sandpiper Energy provides 24 hour emergency service every day of the year at no cost to you.

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