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Why Natural Gas

One of the questions we hear most is “when will you bring natural gas into our area?” It’s easy to understand why. Natural gas saves customers money on energy, contributes to a healthy local economy, and helps reduce harmful emissions such as mercury, sulfur dioxide and C02. Natural gas is in your community now, and we look forward to working with you.

  • Natural gas is clean.Open or Close

    By far the cleanest burning of fossil fuels, natural gas emits about 45% less C02 than coal, and 27% less C02 than oil, helping to curtail global warming.

  • Natural gas is domestic.Open or Close

    About 98% of the natural gas used in North America comes from North America, helping to make us more energy independent and less vulnerable to volatile oil pricing.

  • Natural gas is abundant.Open or Close

    Our current domestic natural gas base is large enough to meet current U.S. production for another 100 years.

  • Natural gas is safe.Open or Close

    According to the National Transportation Safety Board, natural gas pipelines are the safest form of energy
    transportation—safer than by truck or rail. And natural gas companies spend approximately $7 billion a year on safety programs.

  • Natural gas is preferred.Open or Close

    Across the U.S., natural gas is used in roughly 65 million homes, 5 million commercial and public buildings including schools and hospitals, and 195,000 factories.

  • Natural gas is efficient.Open or Close

    92% of the natural gas delivered to customers is usable energy, compared to only 32% for coal burned to make electricity.

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