If You Smell Gas

Natural gas and propane are safe, reliable and convenient, and it adds to our comfort, so why does it have to smell so bad? Natural gas and propane are odorless by nature; so, for safety’s sake, an odorant called mercaptan is added so that you will know if gas is escaping and recognize that a potentially dangerous situation may exist. Natural gas and propane that have escaped can enter locations (including properties that don’t have natural gas service) by migrating and entering through openings. So, if you ever detect a “rotten egg” smell in or near your home or place of business, please take the following precautions to help keep your family, friends and colleagues safe.

Remember, if you smell gas:

  • Do leave your home or building immediately.
  • Do immediately call your local emergency number (911) from a cell phone outside the home or building, or from a neighboring location, to immediately report the suspected gas leak.
  • Do not use your telephone, turn on or off the light switches, light a match or do anything that might create a spark or flame.
  • Do not re-enter the building where the leak is suspected until emergency professionals give the O.K.

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